Computer resources for using MEGAN FORTRAN code

The version of MEGAN downloaded from this web site requires both access to and knowledge of a LINUX/UNIX operating system and working knowledge of FORTRAN. FORTRAN is a general purpose language mainly developed to perform mathematical operations. Users who have never been exposed to Unix-type operating systems (i.e., if you are only familiar with Windows) unfortunately will find it difficult to run MEGAN. Although you do not need to be a computer programmer to run the model, you should have a basic understanding of computer programming and Unix (i.e., you should know how to unzip/untar files and other basic commands in Unix, install libraries and link files within Unix, and know basic FORTRAN commands such as how to invoke a code). In summary, you should have a working knowledge of Unix and FORTRAN before attempting to use MEGAN. Compilers may be found at

The following are the system and software requirements for installing and running MEGAN:

· LINUX/UNIX operating system

· csh/sh scripting language

· FORTRAN 90 compiler, i.e. pgi

· Netcdf 3.6.0 or greater

· ioapi 3.1

· MCIP 3.6

It has been successfully tested on GNU/Linux x86_64 machine with PGI compiler. The provided test case was also created on GNU/Linux x86_64 machine. Additional information is given in the User's guide.

Computer resources for using MEGAN-EFP Python code

The MEGAN3-EFP program is built on the Python programming language and requires you to have Python installed on your computer. Python (see for information and tutorials) is a general-purpose, high-level language. You don't need to know Python to use the EFP but it helps. If your computer does not already have Python installed, you can install the Anaconda distribution of Python via The MEGAN-EFP program has been tested and successfully run with Python 2.7 on Linux (Centos 6), Mac (Mac OS 10.10) and Windows (Windows 7, Windows 10) operating systems. The hardware requirements will depend on the size of the domain but for most applications a recent generation computer (notebook, desktop, workstation) will be sufficient. Additional information is given in the User's guide.