We are investigating biosphere-atmosphere interactions on scales of individual cells to the whole earth system to improve predictions of biogeochemical fluxes, atmospheric composition, air pollution, climate and ecosystem health. This is being accomplished through multidisciplinary field, laboratory and modeling studies of the processes controlling these interactions.

Our current research activities include

Field Studies

  • USA: Alaska, California, Texas

  • International: Thailand, Brazil, China, Colombia, Korea, Antarctica

Laboratory Studies

  • Heat, ozone and drought stress

  • Emission Factor variability

  • Total OH reactivity and aerosol production

  • Gene upregulation of BVOC emission


  • MEGAN biogenic emission model development

  • BVOC emission response to stress

  • Urban vegetation

Our core capabilities include:

  • Field deployable systems: PTR-TOFMS, portable GC-MS, Photosynthesis/respiration, enclosure systems, sonic anemometers, sampling systems for solid absorbent tubes, stainless steel canisters and glass bottles

  • Laboratory facilities: TD-GC-TOFMS (for tubes and canisters), environmental growth chambers, online instruments for CO2, H2O, VOC analysis, Chlorophyll

  • Modeling : MEGAN BVOC emission modeling, CESM global earth system modeling, WRF-Chem regional air quality modeling

We work closely with the Biosphere-Atmosphere-Human Interaction Research Group led by Dr. Saewung Kim.