Core measurement capabilities

VOC analysis

1. GC (Gas Chromatography) using thermal desorption (absorbent tubes) and whole air (SS canisters and glass bottles)

Many of our samples are analyzed on more than one column and/or detectors:

TOFMS: Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry with tandem 70ev/soft ionization

VUV: Vacuum Ultra Violet Spectroscopy

QMS: Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry

FID: Flame Ionization Detector

2. CIMS (Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometers)

  • PTRTOFMS-1000 ultra (High Sensitivity)
  • PTRTOFMS-8000 (High Resolution)

Vegetation gas exchange measurement systems (VOC, CO2, H2O, O3)

1. Walk-in growth chamber with multi-enclosure gas exchange sampling

2. Custom-made inert (glass/teflon) portable gas exchange systems

3. Leaf cuvette portable gas exchange systems

Micrometeorological and weather measurement systems

1. Relaxed eddy accumulation

2. Eddy covariance

3. Weather stations