Data and Code

The latest version, MEGANv3.2, is illustrated in the above diagram. There is an August 31, 2022 update that fixes a bug in the code that maps compounds to different chemical schemes (pointed out by Jeff Willison- Thanks Jeff!). The bug does NOT impact some compounds such as isoprene and a-pinene but it does impact other compounds.

To run MEGAN3.2 you will need input data (landcover and environmental conditions) and code (preprocessor, emission factor processor, emission calculator and chemical mechanism mapper). Each of these are described below:

Geogridded input data (for the preprocessor Fortran code)

Use the preprocessor to regrid these data to your model domain

1. Landcover

2. Soil nitrogen emission module inputs

3. Physical weather

These data are typically generated by the user using a regional or global model such as WRF or CESM-CAM

Emission Factor Processor (Python code)

  • MEGAN3.21 Emission Factor Processor. This code integrates geogridded growth form and ecotype data (can be output from the FORTRAN preprocessor or generated using a GIS program or manually) with plant species composition and species-specific emission factor data to generate landscape average emission factors for a model domain. Download the Emission Factor Processor python code and input files.

Preprocessor, emission calculator and mechanism mapper (Fortran code)

  • Use the Preprocessor code to regrid input data to your domain, calculate biogenic emissions, and map the emissions to various chemical schemes.

Download the Preprocessor code

Download the calculator and mechanism mapper code

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